We’re Invested in Your Success

Mountain Loop Mine produces some of the highest quality aggregates in the Northwest region.
The secret to our success is quality control. Our quality control team is on-site every day we run material.
A systematic approach ensures a consistent product throughout every load before it goes on the truck.

Aggregates for Your Next Project

1-1/2" Drain Rock Unwashed Prod. 2037
1-1/2" Drain Rock Washed
1-1/4" Clear Crushed Washed Prod. 2047
1-1/4" Clear Crush Unwashed
3/4" Clear Crushed Washed
3/4" Clear Crush Unwashed Prod. 2046
3/4" Drain Rock Unwashed Prod. 2032
3/4" Drain Rock Washed Prod. 2031
3/8" Pea Gravel Unwashed Prod. 2025
3/8" Gravel Washed Prod. 2024
2-6" Cobble Rock Unwashed Prod. 2076
1-1/4" Minus CSBC Prod. 2066
5/8" Minus CSTC Prod. 2062
1-1/2" Minus Gravel Borrow
Utility Sand Washed
Utility Sand Unwashed Prod. 2019

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